WazirX P2P

WazirX P2P is the next generation P2P system – P2P 2.0 – that has simplified the process of depositing and withdrawing fiat tremendously. Users find it easy to use because the P2P interface and experience is similar to regular trading.

wazirx p2p trading

Moreover, the P2P system has been designed in a way that matching and order-completion happen in record time. It’s hassle-free with zero learning curve, and available 24×7.

wazirx p2p

Buyer places USDT buy order, gets instantly auto-matched with a seller
Pays directly to the seller’s bank account
Both buyer and seller confirm sending and receiving payment respectively
WazirX transfers the escrowed USDT to the buyer’s wallet

Since its inception, WazirX P2P has been a game changer in the Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem. In 2018, when traditional P2P options launched in India, WazirX P2P emerged as the top choice for users. Multiple P2P trade matches happen every minute, and 90% of P2P trades complete within 10 minutes. P2P is growing at a rate of over 9.5% every month.

Total P2P trades: 1.3 Million
Average execution time taken: 15 minutes

WazirX P2P is the cheapest, fastest, simplest and go-to method for fiat <> cryptocurrency conversion in India. With its tremendous success in India, WazirX confident that WazirX P2P can solve the fiat <> cryptocurrency conversion problem globally for many more countries.

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