WazirX trading platform

WazirX launched the trading platform in March, 2018. The word “Wazir” is another name for the “queen” piece in chess. It’s the strongest piece, and it can play any move. WazirX launched initially for Indians, with the aim to provide the most powerful queen piece of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, a solid product that offers:

Global exchange with fiat on-ramp
80+ cryptocurrencies
Trade in USDT, BTC & INR (fiat) markets
High volume

WazirX Partnerships

There are several cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, and DeFi apps that don’t have a fiat on-ramp. There’s no easy way for such apps to onboard new users, and this, in turn, obstructs their user growth. WazirX have confident that WazirX P2P will bridge this gap. WazirX will partner with these platforms and integrate WazirX P2P to provide a seamless on-ramp to these platforms. WRX token has a crucial role to play in our mission.

wazirx partnership

WazirX Security

Major chunk of funds in cold storage
Multi-signature wallet system
Each fund withdrawal request needs a two-factor authentication
Strong KYC/AML guidelines
Regular security audits

Product highlights

170,000+ app installs with an average rating of 4.5+ stars
Multilingual support
Available on Android, iOS, Web, Mac & Windows

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